For English Speakers

My name is Rita and I am a native Italian translator. I translate from English to Italian and this website could be called a portfolio or an archive of translations. I created it with the aim of collecting and making available online some of my translations. This is why the title of the website is “Cicli Traduttivi” which in English means “Translation Series”.

I will always get the authors’ consent to translate and publish the translations of their articles. If you are an author I translated but I, mistakenly, didn’t credit you; please contact me with the form you find in this page or through my social media accounts. In the same way, if you want to post one of my translation on your website, please don’t forget to first ask me about it and credit me and the original author as well.

Last but not least, as I already stated before: I am a translator. If you need my services please contact me and so that we can talk about the details or check out my personal website: